A KPRS Studios Production
The Villisca Axe Murder House
On Location Episode 2 Vallisca Iowa

Our last Ghostly Journey had brought us to Villisca Iowa where 6 kids and 2 adults where hacked to death in there sleep by a weilding axe murderer.  This was by far our most darkest investigation to date. This house is pure evil in every way.  Beware to those coming to this house. It's not hte spirits in the house you need to watch for but the House itself is alive.
Stay tuned as this was investigated for Episode 2 of Ghostly Journeys.

Lindsay going over her lines for the intro shot

On Location to Film Episode 2 " The Villisca axe Murder House" in Iowa



Test Run....... Many Retakes later, she nailed it!


Michael looking frustrated due to too many retakes..lol


The Moore Family's Grave stone. All six Members...Very sad.


ina & Lena stillinger's grave site.  2 little girls who were guest at the moore house and suffered the same fate.  Not too many people know that another child also died that same day making the death count to 9.  Edith Stillinger the mother of both girls who got murdered at the moores was pregnant at the time of the murders. when she recieved word about the death of her two daughters, that same day she had a miscarrige and lost her baby due to the shock of the news.


Lead Investigator Mark wiley striking a pose... 


Lead Investigator Lindsay, in the middle of a live taping interviewing darwin, the owner of the moore house


Behind the scenes shot of the live taping between lindsay and darwin lynn 


Time for the investigation.... michael of kprs getting interviewed before we get down to buisiness with this house 


Mark Wiley, Lindsay Knight, Michael Knight


The barn that's located behind the house where you can find thousands upon thousands of signatures from just about every paranormal team in the world..be sure to look for ours.

conclusion on our experiences here during our filming and investigation

Although we can't go into further detail on what happend ( your gonna have to wait for the show to air for that ) we can go into what we all felt and took out of this investigation as a team.  First off  "YES" this house is very much active and is nothing but evil from the start.  Provoking this house will surley get your attention but make no mistake, if your looking for the Moore family, there in there somewhere but the house itself is the key to everything and is the portal itsef to the gates of Hell.  Once you walk through the front doors, it has you!  Watch your step and be sure to protect yourselves with the white light.  Possession in this house is real easy to come by. Don't take my word for it, go in the attic and sit there for a while in the dark and you will know what I mean. Goodluck!

Before I go, I wont leave you empty handed.  Here is an idea of what we had to deal with the entire night of our investigation.

Look at the picture below.  We took this before our lockdown into this house.  If you look at the red highlighted parts of the window, you can see a distinguishable face of a demonic entity with glowing horns on his head, staring out the window at us.  Now,



All day we felt like we were being watched... and from the look's of it, WE WERE!

This was only the begining.  This house took us for one HELL of a ride.  This was by far our best and most exciting GJ Episode we ever worked on.  Thanks to Darwin and his wife for allowing the KPRS Family the oppurtunity to shoot and Film here.

The Birdcage Theatre
Tombstone, AZ
June 17, 2011

What can add to another Ghostly Journey Episode that cannot be forgotten
is the most what I thing creepiest place on earth, The Birdcage Theatre.  We had to go out to Tombstone Arizona and check this place out for ourselves.  Everything in that building is authentic to the furniture all the way to the knick-knacks that adorn this once lavished brothel, saloon and Opera House but that wasn't the reason we came.  It was for the poltergiest activity that is so much felt and seen here.  This is by far KPRS's best and unforgetable film shoot and investigation by far!


Mark Wiley & Doc Holiday


Michael Knight with Morgan & Wyatt Errp


Getting ready to interview Bill from the Birdcage for the Ghostly Journey segment.


We had been filming since 7:00 AM and we are soo tired, but the show must go on. We have yet to do our investigation at night.


Micheal Knight of KPRS Productions

Michel Knight of KPRS Productions on location.

Investigation 02/18/2011
Case File: Chloride, AZ " Silver Mining Ghost Town "

Knights Paranormal Research Society & Nevada Ghost Society had teamed up to investigate claims of long lost miners who's souls still haunt the small town of Chloride, AZ. Hundreds of men had lost their lives mining for silver during the heyday of Chloride's booming era.  From the 1800's all the way to the last mine shaft shutting down in the 1970's, reports all over town still continue to surface regarding paranormal activity.  Do these men who mined the mountains behind Chloride still continue to search for their precious silver?  Is this long forgotten mining town still continue to be in operation on the otherside?  These are the claims we will search for during our investigation of this peculiar and yet interesting town of Chloride, Az.

These are our findings so far.  More evidence is still being analyzed and will be updated as soon as it will be available.

All our findings are
100% Authentic and in no way shape or form tampered with.  What you See and Hear is exactly what we experienced.

This was taken outside the mockup of the old Town.  This was not visible at the time to us, but if you look at the window on the left, you can clearly see what appears to be a old miner looking out.


This was taken looking down at one of the silver mine shafts than drops down several hundreds of feet below.  The thermal had indicated a strange anomoly  at the bottom. Looking at the picture you can clearly see a face looking up at us.  Is this another mine worker?

This was taken inside the old jail with a full spectrum digital camera.  At this exact same time we had snapped this picture,  chuck of ngs had asked the spirits to show themselves.  It appears to be a strong energy ribbon manifesting right in front of me. 

Again outside the old town, Could these be two apparitions looking out a window?



All EVP'S are 100% Authentic.  They had only been cleaned up and amplified.

I was over a Cemetary plot of a woman named Margret who just passed away a month ago to the date. I had asked her if there was anything she wanted to tell her family and to my to my suprise I had a response of a woman  saying " I'm O.K."  Was this Margret?

  EVP Looped x3

I had set the Digital recorder down on a metal gate next to the grave of Sherry.  In the background you can hear me speaking and then you hear a man's voice whisper "Fuck You"
EVP Looped x3

I was over a grave of a couple named Robert and Gennara.  I had asked if they had something to say and I got a response of a lady calling my name " Mike"
EVP Looped x3

On this one, me and mark had seen a light moving around in the cemetary.  I had asked if he seen the light mooving too.  Right after i then said it must be my eye's, you hear a whisper saying "The Light..The Light"

Chuck and Mark from NGS was discussing to me about hoping to catch that light anomoly when over Mark's voice you can clearly hear a long whisper of woman calling my name.  "Mike"
 EVP Looped x3

We were walking around the cemetary when I saw what looked like a dog as a tombstone.  Before I had said somthing, you can hear a man whisper "Kill Me" then I had asked if that was a dog and I got a reply soon after saying " Yes"
EVP Looped x3

On this you can clearly hear a spirit call out my sisters name. " Lind...say" (Lindsay) Listen at the begining.
EVP Loopes x3