Schedule is subject to change at anytime.

  On Open Schedule Day's, KPRS Productions LLC, has avalability's to conduct Public or Private investigations.  Please fill out the form below to set up an appointment.

On Episode Live Tapping day's for the Ghostly Journeys Series, we do allow guest to join us during those days and feature you on one of our series, however you must fill out the form below to give us prior warning on who will be joining you as your Team and so forth for saftey reasons.  Without filling out the form and submitting it to KPRS Productions LLC, all outside Teams or guest will not be able to participate in the investigation or production.

Special Thanks to all!

Knights Paranormal Research Society
KPRS Productions LLC,
Las Vegas, Nevada

Event Production & Investigation Application Form

If you want to be a part of a live tapping for one of our Ghostly Journys Episodes. Please fill out the form atleaest 2 weeks in advance to join us in one of our production events.  This is absolutley free of charge to you but you must have an application on file before showing up or you will not be permitted to join.  Please reffer to the schedule above:

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