The Haunted Howard Hughes Bungalow
in Las Vegas

November 24, 2012

★Countdown to the TOP 10 Paranormal Hoaxes OF ALL TIME!

Join us tonight as we discuss and debate some of the biggest Paranormal Hoaxes of all time. We all know the world-wide appetite for paranormal stories and is a magnet for fakers and hoaxers. Some hoaxes are simply light-hearted fun but others have more serious consequences such as contaminating genuine research, wasting public money and destroying careers. Love them or hate them, get ready for The Paranormal & Beyond's top ten pick of the craziest and biggest Paranormal Hoaxes of all time.

Don't put all your Eggs in one basket just yet Ladies & Gentlemen...Not everything is as it seems and will prove it on Newstalk 720 KDWN