Ghostly Journey's Premier Release on July 23, 2011

 Vegas TV Cable 14 / KTUD Channel 25

Horton Grand Hotel
San Diego,  CA

GJ Horton Grand Teaser

Travel with us to the Horton Grand Hotel in San Diego, CA as we investigate the poltergiest activity in room 309 where the trapped spirit of Roger Whitaker is still very much felt and seen.  Does the Horton's most famous ghost still wander the hotel and will Roger make his presence known to us as we stay overnight in the room where the hotel staff refuses to go in.

Episode 2
The Villisca Axe murder house
Villisca,  IW

GJ Villisca Teaser


97 years ago a guesome murder rocked the small town of Vallisca were two adults and 6 children were found brutally murdered in their beds.  The killer had hid in the attic and attacked all 8 people in their sleep.  Choice of weapon.. an AXE.  Do the Moore Family continue to reside in this house and do the evil soul of the killer continue to torment the guests that visit this horrific murder scene.  Join us on our journey as we take over this house for an entire night and attempt to make contact with the Moore's or possibly the murderer himself. 

Episode 3
The Birdcage Theatre
Tombstone, AZ

ne of the oldest original buildings in Tombstone and most authentic attractions in this once booming mining camp, the Bird Cage Theater also has the reputation as being the most haunted place in town, allegedly continuing to host as many as 31 ghosts.  Do the spirits of the old west such as Doc Holiday and The Erpp Brothers continue to haunt this once busy saloon.  Join us while we do a no holds barred investigation and seek out the souls who freaquent this establishment from the otherside.