Dinner with a Ghost
'The Reveal"
Special Guests G.T.O.P.S

June 30, 2012

★Dinner with a Ghost "THE REVEAL BROADCAST" from directly inside the 1907 Goldfield High School in Goldfield Nevada
Guest Interviews, Paranormal Reactions, Occurrences and Surprise EVP's caught during our LIVE tapping of the event.

Travel with The Paranormal & Beyond as we go on Location to Goldfield Nevada and get peoples reaction to the Sold Out "Dinner with a Ghost"
Listen as we interview such names as George Knapp host of Coast to Coast AM, Dominic Pappalardo Commissioner of Esmeralda County, Justin Cimock & John Cushman of G.T.O.P.S and many surprise interviews you wont believe.

On the only station giving you 50,00 Watts of Pure Paranormal Radio Excellence on Newstalk 720 KDWN