The Mysterious Death & Conspiracy of
Marilyn Monroe

November 11, 2012

SPECIAL CONSPIRACY EDITION - "Who really killed MARILYN MONROE? Suicide or cold bloody murder?

This is the official cause of death and probably th

e most widely believed. She had tried it four times previously and she clearly had significant mood swings.

The problem with this theory is that too many forensic facts are at odds with it, unless one can imagine Marilyn making up a barbiturate enema and administering it to herself. Quite a number of forensic experts have discarded the suicide theory as inconsistent with the facts.

Another problem with the suicide theory is that she was in good spirits at the time of her death and had been making plans for future events and movies, and if Spoto is correct, her remarriage to Joe DiMaggio.

However her ties with the Kennedy's can also speculate a targeted hit pointing to MURDER!!

Join us tonight as we bring you the Facts, Theories and the debate whether it was an accidental overdose, suicide or cold bloody murder!