Part 1
Jack the Ripper
W/ Special Guest
Renown Author
Jeff Mudgett


"Bloodstains"  w/ Renown and Famed author Jeff Mudgett

Based on a True story

Jeff Mudgett is the author of Bloodstains, the autobiographical tale of Jeff's discovery that his own great-great-grandfather was infamous serial killer H.H. Holmes. Bloodstains takes history even further, linking Holmes to Jack the Ripper and attempting to prove that both murderers may have been one and the same.

Jeff first learned that his ancestor was Herman Webster Mudgett, a.k.a. Dr. H.H. Holmes, when he was 45-years-old. As soon as this discovery was made, Jeff set out to find out more about his evil relative. Bloodstains is the culmination of that search.

This will be a most fascinating show about the identity of one of the most infamous serial killers in the world, H.H. Holmes aka Jack The Ripper.