Michael Knight - Lead Investigator

Born in San Diego Ca, Mike has been intrigued with the paranormal since he was a kid.  Growing up as a child, he has lived in several houses that was inhabited with something malevolent.  In 1987 mike suffered a near death experience that further pushed his  outlook into the paranormal.  Today He is a currently an Executive Chef by day but at night he devotes all his time into searching for concrete evidence of the otherside.
  Michael is currently the host of the Radio talk show  "The Paranormal & Beyond" on KDWN 720 AM

Santa Ana, CA 1981 - This was where our nightmare began and this forever changed our perception of life as we once thought.

Lindsay Knight - Lead Investigator

Being the second oldest to Mike in the family, Lindsay also experienced paranormal phenomenon as a kid growing up.  Like her brother, she is deeply fascinated with the life after.  She has collected and read hundreds of books on the unknown but most favorite subject for her is ghosts and haunted locations.  Today Lindsay works in a high volume designer store at Caesars Palace.  Every free time she gets it is for the hunt and she wont let something like getting scratched stop her from chasing the unseen.  Lindsay is currently the host of the Radio talk show  "The Paranormal & Beyond" on KDWN 720 AM
Rex Von Heavensent - K9 Investigator

Rex is a 4 year old German Shepherd who is keen to un-wordly presences and a valuable asset on our team.  Having seen him in action before, you can bet, Rex will let you know if there's any unseen forces around.  Rex is by far our biggest EMF Detector and Ghostbuster on the KPRS Crew!

    Now many years later the journey begins.

KPRS (Knights Paranormal Research Society is a non-profit organization devoted to research into the paranormal realm and aslo captures true life documentaries regarding poltergeist activity, haunted locations, and paranormal occurrences. Based out of Las Vegas Nevada, KPRS is owned and operated by the brother and sister team of Michael and Lindsay Knight.  We are paranormal investigators foremost and conduct private, residential and buisness investigations. Also as a production company, our services our seeked out by paranormal teams to help put their findings onto video and film documentary format for private or professional presentation. All investigations are confidential and is not discussed or disclosed without a written release or consent by the client. 

We do not charge for our investigations and are 100% free of charge, however if you do hire us for professional production purposes, we only ask for your donations to help cover some of our production expenses.  KPRS Productions is a Licensed ( Limited Liability Company ) and we carry full General liability insurance of $1M for the safety our equipment, public surroundings and crew.