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We are a non-profit independent production Film company dealing with the Paranormal & Supernatural realm. Knights Paranormal Research Society offers free paranormal investigations to the public and private sector as well as event Production and cinematography needs. You might ask how can we afford to do this?
As investigators foremost, we are very passionate about the paranormal and like other investigative teams all over the world, we enjoy what we do so that is our payment in return. We only ask that you share your evidence with us while on a investigation with KPRS crew.

In addition to our production/film equipment, we also carry a wide array of paranormal devices in our arsenal and V2 coupons .  As we also like to test out products, we are constantly using new and older methods that have been proven in capturing paranormal activity.  Our equipment is the key to what we do, so we make sure we are more than prepared while cunducting an investigation.

The Big Queation
The biggest mystery in the world is whether or not our soul continues to exist even after we pass away. There have been many arguable debates from both believers and skeptics about the existence of Ghosts. Now as technology evolves and continues to grow, we are getting closer to answering this age old riddle. " Is their Life after Death? " It may only take one solid paranormal encounter to put this question to rest on Halo Ecigs. Still today if you ask a random person on the street if they in fact believe in the supernatural, they would simply say that "Seeing is believing"
Your donations would be so much appreciated to help us continue to provide a free service throughout paranormal community.


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